National Bank of Kansas City Mortgage

Based out of Kansas City, Missouri, the National Bank of Kansas City is not universally known. While they are a popular lending option for many people around America, not everyone knows about NBKC.

Choosing the right lender is essential when you are investing in new rental properties or when you’re recommending a company to those you work with. Many landlords rely on mortgage loans to balance and manage their investment portfolios, so you need to be sure that you are choosing a company that can be trusted for good rates and high-quality support!

NBKC offers a number of different types of loans. When setting up a loan with them, they give landlords like you a lot of support via digital tools and loan officers. NBKC bank reviews show that mortgage loans are one of their most popular services; do the options they offer on loans make sense for the future of your business?

Today, you can get a deep look at the National Bank of Kansas City Mortgage reviews to determine if your rental business can benefit from working with this company!

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NBKC reviews earn their mortgage program 4.5 out of 5 stars for the high-quality work that they do with people looking for loans.


Once you’ve had a chance to read National Bank of Kansas City reviews and then look into their programs yourself, you’ll see that this rating of 4.5 stars makes sense! NBKC does a great job of offering a variety of loan types with clear and easily accessed information online.

As their process is so efficient and mainly done online, you will be able to easily move through each step of the process at your own speed. This ability, plus the simple fact that they process loans faster than the national average, make them a superb option for many landlords seeking a mortgage loan.


  • Everything can be done online
  • Fast processing times
  • Rate lock available
  • Flat rate origination fees
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Knowledgeable loan officers on call


  • Can be difficult for low credit score landlords
  • Origination fees for many borrowers, but locked at a flat rate
  • Limited scope of in-person service locations

Company Analysis

Company Analysis

NBKC bank mortgage reviews might generally help you understand that people enjoy the services they provide, but they don’t always provide the right amount of detailed information that can help you. When choosing your lending company, you want to be as informed as possible, so having that extra information is key.

These features the NBKC provides stand out among other lenders; do any of these points make you feel like they’re the right fit? Find out now:

Flat Rate Origination Fee

Origination fees are common when dealing with mortgage loans. These fees are paid to the financial institution that sets up your loan to cover the processing of the application. Many mortgage loan institutions put these fees on a sliding scale, which means that you could end up paying a different amount than another borrower.

At NBKC, however, the origination fee is set at a flat rate. No matter who you are, you will pay the same fee as everyone else. There are some types of loans that may allow you to be exempt from the fee (such as a veteran’s loan). Otherwise, the fee is the same for every applicant.

Having a flat rate fee is great for you as a landlord because you can budget exactly what you will be paying to move forward with the mortgage process without needing to contact NBKC and wait for an updated fee. The fee is a flat rate; you know what to expect. That kind of stability is very powerful in the rental world.

Quick Loan Closings

Another feature that NBKC provides to its borrowers that stands out from other lenders is the quick loan closings that they can often provide. Their average loan processing period is usually around 38 days; this is faster than the national average.

Why Is A Quick Loan Closing Beneficial To You?

Ultimately, a quick mortgage loan closing means that you are purchasing the property that you are interested in investing much faster. The faster the loan process goes, the sooner you will be able to start working on preparing and renting the property.

Another bonus of the faster processing times is that the loan rates tend to be lower at NBKC than at comparable establishments. When loans are processed more quickly, the bank can save some money. These savings are passed on to the borrower, and lower rates are often available for mortgage and other types of loans.

Mortgage Interest Rate Locks

Mortgage Interest Rate Locks

The Nation Bank of Kansas City also offers mortgage rate locks on the interest rate without any additional fees. In a market that is constantly changing and affecting your bottom line, having a number that is locked in can be very beneficial.

For one thing, keeping your records and planning for the future is easier when you know exactly what the interest is going to look two months and two years down the line. When the rate changes frequently, this isn’t always easy to plan around.

Rate locks are free to do at NBKC, but you will want to consider if a rate lock is a right choice for you or not.

Costco Membership Benefits

One of the reasons that NBKC has become such a force in the world of mortgages is because of its partnership with Costco’s lender marketplace. They provide mortgage loans for Costco members with lower fee rates, and Costco’s mortgage marketplace links people directly to NBKC, making it a beneficial relationship for both groups.

If you are a Costco member, call to find out what type of discount and additional services you might be able to enjoy when processing a loan through Costco.

Fair Credit Borrowers Welcome

As a landlord, you know the importance of good credit and how your credit can affect your ability to borrow money or set up another type of loan. At NBKC, you can likely qualify for a loan if you have a credit score of at least 650 points, and there have even been cases of people with scores in the low 600s becoming borrowers.

NBKC does not release a specific number that is required to qualify, and this is likely because they look at a larger picture of your financial stability and position rather than just relying on your credit score as the sole deciding factor.

Similar to the way that landlords choose tenants, banks like NBKC have a process that they use to determine which borrowers are the right ones for their programs. In fact, most mortgage decisions are made based on debt-to-income ratio, not credit score (though the two are somewhat linked).

How The Mortgage Process Works At NBKC

Now that you’ve heard a bit more about the benefits that processing a mortgage or another loan application at NBKC might have for your business, let’s talk about how the process of researching, filing, and receiving your approval actually works at this bank.

Research & Rates

To see what type of mortgage rates might apply to you, you’ll want to visit the NBKC website to see what you can find out. They have a complete page of calculators to help unpack all different types of financial situations, and these calculators can be a very good starting place.

NBKC will give you rate estimates once you answer some questions about your financial status, what the mortgage loan is for, and more. By needing to answer some questions before any type of rate is suggested, the number that you are given is likely to be more accurate to what you are actually qualified for in a mortgage loan.

Fill Out The Application

There are two different loan applications that you can fill out online: the short and the long version. The long version takes more work to complete, but you are able to give the bank more information from the beginning, which can speed things up.

If you don’t like filling things out online or aren’t sure of your answers, try calling the bank directly instead. You can fill out your application over the phone.

Once your application is submitted, a loan officer will contact you within days. You will be given their direct contact information so that you can ask any questions that you may have throughout the process.

Document Delivery

Once you are preapproved for a loan, the documentation will be sent to you either electronically or via overnight mail. The information required on the documents must then be filled out before the documents (and any accompanying information) is signed and returned to the bank.

Appraisals And More

An appraisal will be ordered, and NBKC will work with your broker to ensure proper titles are in order and transferred to you during the purchase. Setting up this step can be time-consuming, but it is important that everything about the property is in order before it becomes yours.


Once everything about the inspection, appraisal, and title transfer is properly handled, the closing will be able to happen. Usually, this process is handled by a local attorney or a title company at their office.

Product Line

Looking through NBKC mortgage reviews, you’ll find that people use this bank for a wide variety of loan products. While you are likely to be most interested in a mortgage loan, there are other loan types that might be good to know about if you decide to use some of the bank’s services.

Currently, NBKC offers the following products:

  • FHA & VA fixed-rate mortgages
  • FHA & VA adjustable mortgages
  • 5/1 adjustable-rate mortgages
  • Refinancing
  • Conventional mortgages
  • Personal loans
  • Small business loans
  • Commercial business loans
  • Deposit accounts

As you can see, there are a lot of different products at this establishment, and that is because they are a full-blown bank! Today’s review of their service has focused on their fantastic mortgage program since it is their most popular, but it isn’t the only program that you might be interested in trying.

If you already own the properties that you are investing with, you might want to turn to something like a small business loan to get the rehab work necessary to rent the property out to the right tenants. Putting money into a property can often lead to better profit margins when renting, so this is a situation worth considering.

Where To Buy

One thing that you might not realize as you browse NBKC bank reviews is that this bank relies on online work rather than brick-and-mortar locations. The bank does have a number of locations, especially in the Kansas City area, but online business is their specialty.

This means that you can and should plan to conduct all of your business with NBKC online. If you don’t like the idea of not having a branch to visit if you have problems, you might feel a little bit better once you know that loan applications are assigned highly qualified loan agents that will be available to answer your questions and work through your concerns.


The Nation Bank of Kansas City is a high-quality lender that you can consider when choosing your next loan or mortgage company. Whether you’re looking to find small business financing to do some work on your company or you want to mortgage a new rental property to expand your portfolio, there is a chance that NBKC will have the investment tools and support that you need.

NBKC is based largely online, and that can make the overall process very easy to manage as you can log in at any time to update your paperwork, and you can even use their mobile app to make sure everything is moving along properly.

As with all things in the real estate world, it is ultimately up to you to decide if using NBKC is going to be the right choice. You are most familiar with your business needs, growth, and future plans, so you need to take all of that information into consideration to choose your lender.