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Using a website like Avvo is a popular avenue people use for all things related to legal advice and lawyers. I know that finding the best lawyer can be hard and trying to wrap your brain around legal information can be even more difficult.

If you find yourself working as a landlord, you will be able to easily access profiles and reviews of lawyers using Avvo. What exactly can you use the site for? Is it the best option for your situation? Is their scoring system actually accurate?

I had all of these questions and more before I decided to test it out for myself. I’ve taken notes and done enough research to give you a deep dive into everything Avvo related and how this can help you as a landlord. I hope that by the time you’re finished with this post that you’ll have found some answers you’ve been looking for.

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What Is Avvo?

For starters, you may be wondering what “Avvo” means. This is what the company said the name means and a little meaning behind it:

“‘Avvo’ is short for ‘avvocato,’ the Italian word for ‘lawyer’. Avvo doesn’t disclose how they calculate ratings but a lawyer’s experience, reviews, publications, discipline and so on enter into the number.”

Essentially, Avvo is a lawyer marketing website. People can log on and find a ton of information about attorneys and lawyers. There are many other lawyer marketing websites available, so why should you choose to go with Avvo as it isn’t hard to find lawyer’s names, phone numbers, websites, or office addresses?

Attorneys post things such as their education and employment history on their Avvo profile. They can also showcase any awards or show off parts they’ve played in high profile cases. Lawyers can use Avvo to share links to their website, answer the public’s legal questions, and link readers to articles they have written.

As a landlord, you can use Avvo to ask legal questions, compare lawyers, find an attorney, and more. It’s an amazing tool that can help many people in great times of need. I mentioned that professionals can have profiles on Avvo and I want to share with you a bit more about what exactly that entails.

Avvo Profiles

Avvo Profiles

On Avvo, there are profiles for legal professionals. These profiles share information such as where they practice, any achievements they’ve had, big cases they’ve worked on, and of course, what type of law they practice. Avvo profiles come in handy for landlords for several reasons.

When you log onto the site, you want to make sure that you find a lawyer that fits your needs. Let’s say you’re looking for a lawyer who has experience with evictions. You can use the Avvo profiles to see which lawyers have practiced in areas that pertain to what you’re looking for.

If they have past cases on their profiles, you could research those to see if your situation relates to their past work. It is important to note that not necessarily all lawyers and attorneys are aware of their profiles on Avvo. This is because the website can gather information online and make profiles for them.

This can be quite alarming if you’re in the legal field and also when you need to choose a legal professional. The more details that are filled out on an Avvo profile, the more likely it is to be owned and created by the lawyer or attorney.

If there is any false information about them on their profile, they have the option to change it. With that being said, it’s important to reach out to the legal professionals that you’re interested in teaming up with about their Avvo profile. This will give you a clear idea about whether the information on their profile is up-to-date and accurate.

The Rating Systems

Avvo is best known for its rating system. This is a system that sets Avvo apart from the other lawyer marketing websites available. While it is common to see lawyer marketing websites use things such as a peer-review system, Avvo takes it a step further.

The rating system is a huge part of how landlords and the public use Avvo to find a lawyer that fits their needs. The website still considers the opinions of attorneys and lawyers important, but there are other factors that play a part. For starters, Avvo provides a score for each attorney using a scale that ranges from 1 to 10.

This score is based on the data that is available on their profile. It’s important to keep in mind that a lawyer’s score shouldn’t be the only thing that you use to decide whether you’re going to hire them or not.

Why? Well, even when an attorney is amazing at their job, if they don’t have a lot of information on their profile, they’ll likely have a lower score. This is why it can be important for attorneys to claim their profiles.

What does this mean for you as a landlord? Well, it is up to you to choose the lawyer you’re wanting to work with. This can get complicated when you’re looking through profiles with ratings that may be based on how detailed their profile is.

It is natural to want to choose someone who has a higher score. This shows that they not only put effort into building their profile on Avvo, but they also have the experience and credentials to get the job done well.

With that being said, just because a lawyer has a low score on Avvo, doesn’t mean they’re bad at their job. There are a handful of things you could do if you’re interested in working with a lawyer who has a lower rating.

For starters, consider typing their name into a search engine. Here you’ll likely see a lot more information on the individual, their practice, and the type of work they have completed in the past.

You could also read reviews about the lawyer. This is something you may want to do, regardless of what their Avvo rating is. Reviews allow you to see clients’ firsthand experience and give you a glance into what you can expect when working with that individual.

Be sure to look at reviews on multiple sites to get the best overall idea of their work. It isn’t better or worse to choose someone with a higher score on Avvo. If they have a high score, they’ve definitely earned it and may be amazing to work with. It’s important to keep in mind that those with low scores may be a great fit for you as well.

Avvo Reviews

Avvo Reviews

Have you ever had a really amazing experience at a restaurant? How about a terrible experience at the airport? If you have, there is the option to write a review for these places.

These reviews will help others like you decide if it’s a place they want to spend their time and money on. Avvo has a similar system set in place for legal professionals. This system sets Avvo apart from other lawyer marketing websites is the fact that just about anyone is able to write a client review.

While it may be good to have reviews from people who have had a negative experience with a particular lawyer, there is a downside to this as well. It has also been proven that people are less likely to write a review if they have a positive experience.

You are much more likely to write a negative review about your experience at the airport than to sing praises to the amazing restaurant. It works the same way on Avvo. It is important to note that positive and negative reviews are in no way related to the ranking algorithm that Avvo uses.

When it comes to reviews, Avvo sets itself apart from other similar websites because they manually review every client review. This is done for a number of reasons, but mainly it is to make sure that the content of the review follow their community guidelines.

Avvo will not post reviews that are from people who are not clients of the lawyer or attorney. They also don’t allow reviews that are blatant personal attacks on the individual.

This helps to make the reviews a little more neutral. The public is able to see true and honest reviews for lawyers and attorneys they are interested in teaming up with. It may also be important to check out reviews for lawyers in other places online.

You can Google the name of their practice and check the Google reviews that are available as well. If they’ve worked on high profile cases, there are likely in-depth articles about the lawyer and the work they did on the case.

Benefits Of Avvo

While some lawyers, landlords, and members of the public find that there are some issues with Avvo, this website has become one of the most popular services available online for the public to learn information about legal professionals.

Ironically, a lot of the website traffic is due to attorneys using word-of-mouth to talk to their colleagues about Avvo. They may talk about how they enjoy how Avvo has brought them more clients and even boosted their reputation.

Both the public and lawyers seem to enjoy how transparent Avvo is. When you go to any other lawyer’s marketing website, it may seem like they’re trying to sway you one way or another.

Also, the majority of these sites will cost you a fee to use them whereas Avvo is free. Thankfully, Avvo shows its users both the positive and negative reviews and scoring on profiles.

Another great thing about Avvo is that information is updated quickly. If a lawyer has done something against the law that affects their State Bar Association status, it will be shown on Avvo rapidly.

This also applies to positive changes as well, such as the win of a big case. This up-to-date information makes it as easy as possible for landlords to find an attorney or lawyer that works best for their needs.

With everything out in the open on Avvo, you can easily compare and see which legal professional is worth your time and money. You won’t have to worry about being misinformed or not being able to find someone who is experienced enough.

One thing that landlords enjoy about using Avvo is that they can answer legal questions right on their profile. This is an amazing way for lawyers to get new clients by using Avvo. On the other hand, as a landlord, you can quickly and easily post any legal questions you may have in hopes that a lawyer will help give you an answer!

Another great benefit that you may overlook is the convenience of Avvo. Since nearly everyone is walking around with a smartphone in their hand at all times, it’s never been easier to use websites like Avvo.

Essentially, you have an in-depth look at several people all around the country who may be able to help you with your needs, all from the palm of your hand.

The website makes it as easy as possible to learn about lawyers and look at the options you have available. The website even has a section dedicated to helping you find a landlord and tenant attorney.

You can choose the area of law you’re needing aid in and type in your city and state to get results! They also make it easy for landlords to find contracts and agreement lawyers, real estate lawyers, and litigation.

With everything in one convenient place, it will be hard not to find someone to work with. Once you search with the area of law of your choosing and your location, you will see results for lawyers immediately.

While you can easily scroll through the results, there is also the option to adjust the results to your needs. You can easily filter by star rating, the length of experience they have, Avvo rating, and more.

There is also the option to easily find a lawyer who can speak in multiple languages, offers free consultations, has no misconduct, and by best match. I really enjoy that you can see whether or not a lawyer is accepting new clients on Avvo. This saves both you and the lawyer time and makes it simple to find someone who is available to help you.

If they are accepting new clients, you will see a green checkmark that reads “Accepting new clients!” This can be found under their photo on search results. Avvo also makes it easy to message, call, or visit the lawyer’s website.

As a landlord, you can use Avvo for free. This will allow you to not only look for lawyers, but ask any legal questions that you may have. There are similar sites out there to Avvo, but they can cost a hefty monthly fee.

If you’re a landlord, you know that every penny counts. Save your hard-earned money and give Avvo a try. You have nothing to lose!

Final Thoughts

As a landlord, it is absolutely crucial to have a lawyer. You may need a lawyer with a situation involving a tenant, a staff member, or even your maintenance crew. Being a landlord is full of surprises and you want to be able to easily reach out to a lawyer whom you know is experienced and that you can trust.

You can use Avvo to find a lawyer ahead of time. This makes it a lot less stressful when you’re in the moments of actually needing to reach out to them. Overall, Avvo is a well-known and highly used website for consumers to get information on legal professionals and for legal professionals to find new clients and promote their practice.

There are plenty of amazing benefits to using Avvo. I would have to say the ability to use the search tool to narrow down what type of service you are looking for is my favorite feature. When you are searching for a lawyer, remember that the ratings and scoring system isn’t the end-all-be-all.

Take the extra time to thoroughly research lawyers and other legal professionals outside of Avvo as well. Lastly, if you’ve had a positive or negative experience with an attorney or lawyer, feel free to leave a review on Avvo.

This is a great way to help others when they are comparing which legal professional to hire and can improve the lawyers overall score and rating. Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn a bit more about what Avvo is and what it can do for you.