How To Use Google Voice In Your Rental Business

The majority of landlords don’t have an office with a team of people helping them manage their rental properties.

They have a cellphone, email, and are the main point of contact between tenants, applicants, and former tenants.

In this fourth chapter of Tori vs. Harry we’re discussing how to use Google Voice in your rental business.

3 Reasons You Should Add Google Voice To Your Process

  1. Keep better track of communications
  2. Remove your personal number from your business
  3. Institute quiet hours and call routing

We discussed the merits of Google Voice on podcast episode #159 with Lee McEachern and he explains how he shot down a discrimination claim by referencing his call history on Google Voice.

In the video below I am going to show you how to get setup and rolling with Google Voice with your rentals.

This video is one lesson from our free tenant screening course on Udemy.

How To Setup Quiet Hours On Google Voice

In this quick screen capture I show you how to setup custom ring hours which is a nice feature if you want to be able to control quiet hours on your phone.

It’s a little awkward that you have to go into the legacy system to do some of these features.

This might be phased out at some point but currently to setup quiet hours you need go through the Google Voice legacy system.

Growing Your Business With Google Voice

One of the nice things about Google Voice is that it can grow with you.

Let’s say you end up getting to the point where you have an office manager. You could easily setup a custom number or even just route your Google Voice number to this new employee. If you grow even larger you can add other employees into the fray.

If you’re just running everything off your cell than you’d have to inform all your tenants of the new number and hope they don’t still use your number out of habit.

Tori vs. Harry Storyline

This story is an ongoing blog series where we compare two landlords and how they manage their rental business when it comes to tenant screening. It is based on the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.

This is the fourth chapter in the series.