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When listing your rental properties online, you probably have a few specific sites that you like to send all of your listings to. Perhaps you even use a syndicate service to ensure your listings are populated on your target sites.

There are, after all, many different rental listing sites available! Is adding another rental listing site to your list a good idea? Ultimately, that depends on what the site offers.

RentBits is a rental property search engine that allows landlords like you to put your properties up for tenants to find and browse. RentBits reviews highlight some unique features that RentBits offers that might be preferable for you when marketing your rentals; let’s take a closer look to find out what those features can really do.

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RentBits Rating

We’ve given RentBits a ⅘ star rating for their rental listing and marketing services.

RentBits Review

RentBits earns a ⅘ star review because they offer a full suite of rental listing, tenant leads, and tenant marketing support, but they offer only a few features that set them apart from a variety of comparable sites with similar goals. Still, the services they offer are streamlined and functional, so they can be a good tool for landlords.


  • Can syndicate with other listing sites
  • Can import listing data from your property management software
  • Listings can be posted individually or in batches
  • Offers many filtering functions that are preferred by potential tenants


  • Must be registered to follow up on leads
  • Advertising pricing varies widely
  • Cannot sign up without contacting a team member

RentBits Product Analysis

RentBits is a US-based rental listing site that covers apartments, condos, townhouses, homes, and duplexes.

Practical For Tenants

RentBits Product Analysis

This rental site is practical to use for tenants, and that’s key if you want your listings to be found and viewed by potential tenants. By scrolling on the map or typing in the locale where they want to search, tenants will see properties in that area.

Then, they can filter their options by property type and a number of other filtering options. Most tenants have some idea of what they are looking for, so having these filtering options makes it more likely that the right tenant will find your listing.

Sponsored Ads

Though listing properties is free on RentBits, you can pay a cost-per-click fee to have your listing sponsored on the site. Sponsored listings are advertised both on the site and off of the site. On the site, they show up before non-sponsored listings in relevant searches. This could help you bring in faster leads.

Lead Services

When tenants express interest on your property, the site gives you some communication capabilities that allows you to monitor your conversation easily. This means that gathering applications and sharing info about the property is easier than ever, and it’s all done in one place.

Information Hub

RentBits has also put together a range of articles about the historical rental rates in many cities around America. This information can be helpful to you and to potential tenants that need some assistance when figuring out what the market should look like. The information will help all involved parties make the best decisions while negotiating.

Rental Management Integration

If you use rental management software such as RentCafe or another popular service, it might be possible to link that service to RentBits and have your listings automatically filtered onto the site. This type of linking saves landlords like you a lot of time.

RentBits Products

RentBits Products

If you are interested in learning more about RentBits pricing, the services they offer, or what they can do for a rental business like yours, you need to become a member. Once you have been contacted by a member of the RentBits team to set up your account, you will be able to post your listings and start using the service.


RentBits is a rental listing website that offers many features that are found on other rental websites, but it does it in a very simple, clean way. The features on the site are useful, but they are not remarkable enough to make it your only option when choosing a rental listing website.

In most cases, listing on more sites is better than listing on fewer sites, especially if the listings are free. If your marketing strategy includes multiple listing sites, adding RentBits to the list is not a bad idea!