5 Benefits of Tenant Newsletters

Tenant newsletters are an attractive and easy way to keep your residents informed about what’s going on in the apartment complex. Newsletters can promote a real sense of community and neighborliness. Not only can tenant newsletters make your property look amazing, it can make you look like a professional, on-the-ball, smart landlord or property manager .
From news and events to informative articles, a newsletter lets tenants know everything they need to about residing in your multifamily complex.

Benefit #1. Strengthens Community Bonds

Your tenant newsletters can help make your community feel more cohesive when you let people know about upcoming events, activities and accomplishments. Its positive tone will help residents feel proud to be a member of such a great and interesting community.
Ideas for this part of the newsletter include:

  • Holiday party announcements
  • Plans for a neighborhood yard sale
  • Announcements about common area remodeling projects
  • Introducing new staff members
  • Acknowledge efforts by tenants to comply with community rules and regulations

Benefit #2. Emphasizes Community Policies

Emphasizes Community Policies

When you need to get the word out to your tenants about community policies, the newsletter is a non-threatening way to deliver the message. If you are noticing problems or confusion in a certain area of the property, articles in your tenant newsletters can remind all tenants at once about what’s in the lease agreement without targeting anyone in particular.
Other ideas for policy reminders in a tenant newsletter include:

  • Basic steps for renewing the lease agreement
  • Maps of designated smoking areas
  • Reminders about the no pet policy
  • Reviewing what the lease agreement says about overnight guests
  • Proper ways to fill out maintenance requests

Benefit #3. Communicates Notices and General Information

Tenant newsletters are also a great resource for communicating basic information to tenants, especially seasonal reminders. When you want to share information that contributes to the general information of the community and enhances each resident’s living experiences, include it in the newsletter.
Examples of these kinds of announcements include:

  • Notices for annual pest control
  • Reminders about snowplowing procedures
  • What steps to take to sign up for satellite TV service
  • Information on recycling options
  • Passing relevant information from the city on to tenants, such as the opening of a new park down the street

Benefit #4. Helps Out Residents via Classifieds

Helps Out Residents via ClassifiedsSome tenant newsletters include a section for residents to post accomplishments, items for sale or requests for goods or services. This part of the newsletter can help tenants feel connected to each other as neighbors and allow people to give and receive needed things.
Examples of this might include:

  • A “congratulations” section to send best wishes to recent high school graduates or the family with a new baby
  • An offer to teach piano lessons
  • Advertising for a resident looking to sell gently used bunk beds
  • Inquiry for someone who is looking to carpool into the city
  • Monthly contest winners, such as from a drawing or for having the best holiday decorations

Benefit #5. Aids in Marketing Your Property

With your tenant newsletters, try to cross promote in as many ways as you can.  Cross promoting can maximize your advertising exposure and get your name and contact information into the hands of potential tenants. Because you never know where your resident newsletters will end up, always consider that every non-resident reader is a potential tenant.
Examples of this might include:

  • Include your apartment’s website and social media links so current and future tenants can get more information
  • Team up with another local business (such as a furniture rental company) and advertise free for each other via a giveaway, discount or other promotional effort
  • Exchange literature with a local job fair or similar–you make their literature available to interested parties and they make yours available
  • Invite local business leaders to write guest articles for your newsletter that relate to your community
  • Sell ad space in your newsletter

Do you or your property managers maintain tenant newsletters? Is it a real benefit or simply not worth it?
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