mesa tenant screening services

Tenant Screening Mesa

Mesa is one of Arizona’s top economic and cultural cities, making it very attractive for both young and old to want to work here or retire here. This means that rental properties in Mesa are in high demand, which is good news for landlords. If you are a landlord with property in the city, you will…Read More

albuquerque tenant screening services

Tenant Screening Albuquerque

Albuquerque is know for its unique blend of Southwest culture and style, and many people enjoy living in this lovely desert city. Landlords with property in Albuquerque are definitely going to appreciate the hot market and it’s in their best interest to attract the best tenants possible. When landlords follow the Albuquerque tenant screening laws, they…Read More

Tenant amenities for millennials

Must Have Tenant Amenities for Millennials

As a successful landlord, you have learned that you need to create an ideal tenant avatar, or profile of your ideal tenant. If that ideal tenant was born in the 1980s to the 2000s, you are looking for what society and the media has labeled a “millennial,” or Generation Y. This generation is one of…Read More

shower doors or curtains for a rental

Shower Door vs Curtain for a rental property

Water from the shower can cause a lot of damage to a rental property’s bathroom floor. Some landlords choose the option of putting in sliding shower doors, while others stick to the shower curtain. So what are the advantages or disadvantages to a shower door vs curtain for a rental? Shower door or curtain? Pros…Read More

Can Landlords Give Consent for a Police Search Featured

Can Landlords Give Consent for a Police Search?

Most landlords struggle with the concept that while they are owners and managers of a rental property, they give up certain rights to that property when it is occupied by a tenant. Examples of this might include feeling like they can enter the property without giving written notice, change the locks at any time, or otherwise…Read More


Hiring Maintenance Workers for Rental Properties

If you own or manage several rental properties, chances are that maintenance issues are one of the biggest drains on your time and money. In order to keep your properties well-maintained and your tenants happy, it may be time to hire a full time or part time maintenance man for hire. If you don’t have…Read More

provide a receipt for security deposit or rent

Do Landlords Need to Provide a Security Deposit Receipt?

In the age of electronic financial transactions and digital deposits, many landlords wonder about whether or not they are required to provide a security deposit receipt. Like most issues that have to do with rental properties, the answer is that it depends on several factors. Landlords should always have written records of transactions, but that…Read More

best lease agreement for landlords

Best Lease Agreement For Landlords

Experienced landlords know that the best way to make a profit is to rent to good tenants who want to stay a long time in their rental property. Frequent turnovers mean increased costs, so it is in a landlord’s best interest to put tenants into as long of a lease as possible. But what kind…Read More


Landlords, Insurance and Dog Breed Restrictions

Landlords must carry insurance on any property they own, and it is meant to take care of things like liability and personal injuries for tenants and guests on the premises. Attacks from dogs are just one of many things that can happen that causes landlords to file an insurance claim. According to the website,…Read More

landlord tenant rent bats

What To Do About A Bat In Apartment

While bats are generally only associated with Halloween celebrations, many property owners find that bats can be a problem all year long. In many parts of the country, bats take up residence in the attics of buildings, including rental properties. When landlords are alerted to the presence of a bat in the apartment, it is…Read More