FCRA Compliant Background Check Companies

What Information is on a Tenant Background Check?

Remember its not always just about the bad stuff When we think about tenant background checks, we are conditioned to think that it’s only for uncovering negative material. But remember that the point to screening tenants is to find the right fit for your rental unit. So be prepared to see positive information that will…Read More

Are Free Tenant Background Checks Legit?

Information Needed For Tenant Background Check

How much information is needed for a tenant background check? A tenant background report can technically be done with as little information as the applicant’s name and date of birth. However it is highly recommended that you have every single applicant, over 18 years of age, fill out a Tenant Rental Application and provide you…Read More

Bankruptcy dismissed vs discharged (what’s the difference?)

Bankruptcies on a tenant background check can have one of two dispositions: dismissed or discharged. Below you will find the major differences between the two bankruptcies when found on tenant background checks: Bankruptcy dismissed vs discharged difference? Basically, a dismissed bankruptcy indicates a change happened during the process of the filing where the bankruptcy was…Read More